Chinese Folk Culture

Chinese Folk Culture
Thoughts On A Popular Idiom Dragon Soaring and Tiger Leaping
Huimin Qi

The  lecture is in  English

Long teng hu yue (龙腾虎跃)is a Chinese idiom. Its literal translation is “dragon soaring and tiger leaping”. Why is this an idiom that Chinese people like so much, and what does it have to do with the daily life of Chinese people? The dragon and the tiger both have a very deep meaning within Chinese culture. This lecture will explain the meaning of the idiom in Chinese life through Chinese folklore cultures.Huimin Qi

Ms. Huimin Qi graduated with PH.D in Ethnomusicology from the Chinese Academy of Arts in 2003. She is a professor in the Ningbo University, China, and is currently working as the Chinese Director of Northern Lights of Confucius Institute, at the University of Iceland. Ms. Qi taught at the University of Central Arkansas, USA, in 2011. Her specialty is Chinese folklore music of ethnic minority groups, such as Tu, Tibetan and Hui. Her research also includes local Chinese operas in Shandong and Zhejiang Province. Her major publications include 4 books and over 23 papers, some of which have been published by prestigious journals both at home and abroad. Since working in Reykjavik the past four years, MS. Qi has conducted some research on Iceland church music as well.
Dreki og tígrisdýr

This event is organized by the Chinese-Icelandic Culture Association and The Northern Lights Confucius Institute, which also offers free refreshments. It will be held on Thursday 13 February at 17:30 in room VHV-007, which is in the basement of Veröld the house of Vigdís at Brynjólfsgata 1, Reykjavík. There is free parking next to the building.Verold

Refreshments will be offered which the guests can enjoy and chat before the lecture, which takes approximately 40 minutes.

This event is free and everyone is welcome.



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