Icelandic Tech Nerd in China

Tech Nerd’s Journey in China
A Fusion of Technology, Family, and Exploration
Kjartan Pétur Sigurðsson

This lecture is in English e.g because some foreigners are invited. Questions can be asked in Icelandic at the end of the lecture.

Snack and chat about China
The event is organized by the Chinese-Icelandic Culture Association and the Northern Lights Confucius Institute, which also offers free refreshments. It will be held on Thursday, January 25, 2024 at 17:30 in room VHV-007, basement of Veröld, Vigdís building, Brynjólfsgötu 1, Reykjavík. There is plenty of free parking next to the building.Before the lecture begins, refreshments will be offered and guests can chat and enjoy them and build guanxi, which is a term used in Chinese culture to describe an individual’s social network. Then the lecture will take place, which is estimated to last around 30-45 minutes. Participation is free and everyone is welcome.
Kjartan Pétur Sigurðsson
Electronic Engineer B. Sc. Odense Technique University (Syddansk Universitet), Denmark. Owner of KPS Engineer R&D Services in China, Ireland, Denmark, Norway and Iceland. Also owner of
Tæknimyndir ehf, which is a photography and publishing company. He is also a professional Tourist/Hiking, Photographic and 4×4 Driver guide.
The lecture
Embarking on a unique adventure, his stay as a tech enthusiast in China has been a fascinating blend of technology, family life, and cultural exploration. Residing in the vibrant city of Shanghai with his Chinese wife and daughter, this presentation will delve into various aspects of their life, focusing on education in a private children’s school, engagement with R&D and innovation, exploration of exhibitions, technology experiences, travel and transportation, property investment for Airbnb, online shopping through WeChat and Pinduoduo, home delivery, navigating through the challenges of Covid, and their journeys to Norway, Ireland, and Iceland. Additionally, he will explore the rich cultural tapestry of China and the exciting high-tech opportunities in collaboration with Iceland. His daughter Ingrún Kjartansdóttir will also assist in his lecture. She speaks Chinese, English and now learning Icelandic. Some of the subjects in the lecture:

  • Overview of the private children’s school in Shanghai
  • Educational experiences for his daughter
  • Integration of technology in the education system
  • Cultural exchange and language learning opportunities
  • Insights into China’s thriving research and development landscape
  • Collaboration opportunities with local tech companies
  • Innovation hubs and tech parks in Shanghai
  • Personal involvement in innovative projects
  • Highlights from technology exhibitions attended in China
  • Immersive experiences in virtual reality and augmented reality
  • Technological advancements witnessed during their stay
  • Integration of technology in everyday life
  • Exploring the dynamic city of Shanghai
  • Efficient public transportation systems
  • Technological advancements in transportation
  • Personal travel experiences within China
  • Owning apartments in Shanghai for Airbnb
  • Insights into the real estate market in China
  • Navigating regulations and cultural considerations
  • Tips for successful property management
  • Utilizing WeChat and Pinduoduo for online shopping
  • Convenience of home delivery services
  • Technological innovations in the e-commerce sector
  • Comparisons between traditional and online shopping experiences
  • Coping with the challenges of the Covid pandemic
  • Healthcare experiences in China
  • Technological solutions for health monitoring and safety
  • Journeys to Norway, Ireland, and Iceland
  • Personal experiences and cultural insights from each destination
  • Contrasts and comparisons between China and Nordic countries
  • Technological advancements and collaborations in these regions
  • Overview of Chinese culture and its influence on daily life
  • Exploring cultural nuances in Iceland
  • High-tech collaboration opportunities between China and Iceland
  • Iceland’s unique opportunities in the high-tech sector

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